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The Professional Artistic Ensemble „Doina Gorjului” from Tirgu Jiu has its beginnings over 50 years ago, known at first as „Gorj Folk Music Band” and starting from 1969 it is known as the „Song and Dance Ensemble”.

From the very beginning the institution had under its patronage big names of the Romanian popular music as Maria Lataretu, Maria Tanase, Maria Apostol, Ileana Leonte , Filofteia Lacatusu, conductors as Nicu Novac , Gelu Barabancea , Stelian Ghiocel , Ionel Puia , Marin Ghiocel, artists who contributed to the affirmation and high reputation of this great ensemble.

All the time the ensemble tried to enrich its collection, gathering what is the most valuable from the region it belongs to, and from other outstanding ethno folklore regions of the country.

Nowadays the ensemble has 90 persons in its staff, including 24 instrumentalists, 30 dancers and 10 singers. Every show of „Doina Gorjului” Ensemble is not only a harmonious joining between music and choreography, but a real artistic treasure given to the beauty lovers.

Names as Ionut Dolanescu, Maria Loga, Victorita Lacatusu, Ion Ghitulescu, Ileana Laceanu, Claudia Torop, Natalia Gorjeanu, Ileana Bacitea, Georgiana Birsac, Roberta Crintea, Mirela Constantin Lataretu or Olguta Berbec, bring by their art, the message of the popular songs to the hearts of those who known to love and appreciate it, not only in the country but abroad too.

There are in the collection of ensemble customs, songs and dances from all the regions of Romania: Oltenia, Muntenia, Maramures, Moldova, Bistrita Nasaud, Oas, Bihor, Somes, from Ardeal or Banat.

The authenticity and the beauty of the popular costumes represent the „clue” of every show. With such of artistic staff, repertory and with a permanent care of searching old songs, ballads and so on the Professional Artistic Ensemble „Doina Gorjului” succeeds to be now the most valuable ensemble of the country.